[ 03-09-2020 ]


Do you still contact our customer service while making deposit? Let me introduce you one of the most efficient payment system that has just been launced, Surepay.

What is SurePay?
SurePay is a payment solution that enables customers to do payment using Online Payment Solution and Mobile Payment solution. Surepay is also a Payment Gateway that processes online transaction utilizing a broad online payment method, namely credit card (Visa and Mastercard), debit card (Cimbclicks, Maybank2u and RHB Online). The gateway enable merchant to use its payment method to offer payment service online to their customers via their own portal.

What are the currency uses for Payment Gateway?

 All business transaction will be in Singapore Dollars (SGD). Malaysia Ringgit (RM/MYR) will be using another payment gateway, namely Vaderpay

What are the benefits of Surepay?
1. Secure
2. Fast
3. Easy

How do I pay via Surepay?  Log into your account on GDWON333, click deposit, chooose the bonus package you want, click on Surepay for SGD and Vaderpay for MYR and choose your bank, key in any amount you wish to deposit, click save and it will direct you to Surepay / Vaderpay Payment Gateway

If you wish to try but find it a little complicated, feel free to contact our 24/7 customer service. Try it today and you'll be eligible to get 3% DAILY RELOAD BONUS only for SGD players. Have a nice day and happy gaming!